Small Tabletop Fire Bowl with Glass

Small Tabletop Fire Bowl With GlassIf you’re like me you love a fire roaring in the fireplace or a bonfire outside. There are many firepits for outside on the market today and also some very beautiful tabletop fire bowls with glass sides that are safe to use indoors and outside. They use an ethanol fuel that does not create smoke or smelly dangerous fumes or soot.

Some of these styles are small and sleek in appearance. Perfect for a tabletop or in a guest bathroom if one is entertaining.

I ran across a DIY instruction to make a little table top style and started getting some of the materials together.  But then I found these ready-made models that are reasonable, price wise, and prettier than the one I was planning to make.

To be honest, I was a little leary about the step needed in the DIY project that required gluing the glass edges together. I wasn’t sure how to manage that and wondered if I would get the edges sealed together properly. I haven’t had the glass cut yet and after finding these styles I think I’ll abandon this DIY project. I’ll save the rocks and the base I bought for a different project!

Here are some awesome small fire bowls that would be fun for many rooms inside your home or out on the deck. The smallest ones will burn for about 1 hour. The larger sizes can burn up to 2 hours, depending on the fuel capacity size it comes with. These are fairly light weight, running between 7 and 18 pounds, depending on the style so they could be moved to different locations very easily.

All the designs are very pretty. I especially like the round design. It’s less than a foot in diameter, weigh just a bit less than 18 pounds and could be set in many spots to add a touch of romance to any room.

Small Tabletop Fire Bowl With GlassSmall Tabletop Fire Bowl With GlassCheck Price



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