Indoor Tabletop Water Fountains

Indoor Tabletop Water FountainsDo you find the sound of a gentle rain soothing and relaxing as much as I do? Then an indoor tabletop water fountain might be just what you need. It can easily bring the sounds of nature inside your home and transform the area into your own personal and peaceful sanctuary. The gentle sounds of a tabletop water fountain can help lift your mood and help you relax. I find that the sound of moving water can sometimes create the perfect environment to help me fall asleep. But there are times that after a while the sound can get on my nerves and I like the sound of nothingness. It’s easy to turn these off and stop the sound.

My husband has allergies and we also like that an indoor fountain produces negative ions that work to clear the air of dust and allergens. Some studies have shown that negative ions help with depression, too.

These small indoor tabletop water fountains can be made of lightweight fiberglass or resin, or stone and metal and come in many different shapes or styles. Since these are small they are easy to maintain. I like to take mine apart and clean it but there are products that you can get that work to keep the water fresh. They are light weight and can be moved to different rooms if you choose. Many styles are available in a wide range of prices so can find one to fit your budget.

Depending on the style some tabletop fountains will have an adjustable flow valve so you can adjust how fast the water moves. It will have a small submersible pump and some will have a feature that will illuminate the fountain.
Polished river rocks are included with some models, too.

The waterfall style I currently have does not have any rocks or lights. My little pump can be adjusted to control the water flow but since it’s small I don’t find a lot of difference between the HIGH or LOW setting.

Come check out the styles below that I find are attractive. I love the tabletop Buddha pictured below. Let me know if you find the sound of moving water relaxing and which styles you like best.

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